ALX831X Wi-Fi Controller

ALX831X is a small, low-power, self-contained certified 2.4G single band network controller. It can bring internet connection to your device through UART, SPI, SDIO and other interfaces. This series of controllers are the ideal solution for equipment manufacturers in healthcare, industrial control, home appliances and intelligent energy industries.

ALX831X Wi-Fi Controller

ALX831X Wi-Fi Controller

Protocol: 802.11  b/g/n
Dimension: 28mm * 14.3mm * 2.2mm
Interface: UART(RS232), SPI, I2C, ADC, GPIO, SDIO
Temperature: -30°C-85°C
Certificate: ROHS/CE/FCC
Product Details


- support WLAN 802.11, 2.4G band

- support multiple interfaces: UART, SPI, SDIO

- multi socket TCP / UDP connection

- web configuration APP-Flashlink

- Support Wi-Fi station and SoftAP dual mode

- roaming (optimal trigger mechanism)

- the enterprise security mechanism - WPA / WPA2 enterprise or 802.1x/eapol

- support OTA upgrade


●   environment and energy

●   medical and health

●   industrial control and monitoring

●   wisdom, intelligent furniture city

●   wireless sensor network

●   wireless audio and video

●   intelligent robot & toys


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