WSP25 Wireless Switch

WSP25 Wireless Switch can realize the wireless switching and access function between Wi Fi AP and STAS.  

Combined with the PC side configuration tool independently developed by self connected, it can flexibly and quickly convert the original Ethernet connection into Wi Fi wireless connection.

Alinket & Aerospace iGen ALXE10B Industrial intelligent Edge Computing Box

Protocol: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Dimension: 65mm(W)*150mm(D)*180mm(H)
Interface: 485*2/CAN*2/232*1
Temperature: -30°C to +85°C
Antenna form: External
External Interface: RJ45*4/WiFi*1/4G*1
Product Details


    ① Industrial Design: back card slot and side lug design, suitable for distribution box and other industrial sites, or standard cabinet installation.

    ② Various types of industrial sensors and interaction interfaces are available.

    ③ Multiple communication modes: Wi-Fi、4G/5G、Ethernet, etc.

    ④ Compatible with a variety of protocols: compatible with a variety of mainstream Industrial Real-time Ethernet protocols and industrial bus protocols.

    ⑤ Support edge computing: support customized algorithms implanted for different scaniors, or provided by big data analysis platform.

    ⑥ It can work offline: it has extensible sata storage capacity to ensure the storage requirements of auxiliary data related to edge computing.

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