Alinket solution for the wireless transformation of medical imaging equipment

Issuing time:2022-01-27 14:26

In the past decade or so,the focus on medical big data, Internet of Everything and other aspects ofmedical and health care has promoted the advancement of medical imagingtechnology and equipment research and development. The application of medicalimaging equipment in clinical medicine has entered the era of digitalizationand intelligence. Fast and clear image acquisition helps doctors better judgethe type of patient's disease and accurately find the cause of the disease, soas to carry out precise treatment. While improving the level of diagnosis, itpromotes the development of medicine and makes a great contribution to humanhealth.

With the rapid developmentof medical imaging equipment, PACS (Picture Archiving and CommunicationSystems), Wireless communication and other technologies,bedside photography hasbeen an important part in the daily work of the Department of Imaging,whichalso plays a significant role in the examination and diagnosis of emergency,critical, severe and immobile patients.It can not only win precious time forthe diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients, but also provide greatconvenience for patients who are unable to move or are not suitable foractivities.

Mobile C-arm X-ray machine


Solution 1:

Wireless transparenttransmission of image data to dynamically display the patient's condition

Paperless, filmless andwireless are the main features of modern digital hospitals. Wired networks mustuse network cables to complete data transmission, while wireless networks donot require network cables, which breaks through the limitations of space,effectively overcomes the disadvantages of wired networks, and greatly improvesthe work efficiency of medical staff.

Alinket's AiCloud cloudservice platform can directly and seamlessly connect to the hospital'sdedicated PACS system. Doctors only need to bring Pads,smartphones and othermobile devices to make the ward rounds, and access the patient's image data ordiagnosis data through the wireless network. Understanding the patient'scondition and making timely treatment opinions not only improves the efficiencyof diagnosis and treatment, but also enhances the communication and exchangesbetween doctors and patients.

For some small andmedium-sized hospitals or hospitals that are short of funds, Alinket Technologyprovides 3 types of wireless equipment transformation solutions: embeddingBluetooth module in the equipment; embedding Wi-Fi module in the equipment; andinstalling external wireless bridge to the equipment. It can not only solve thewireless data transmission problem of bedside photography, but also save money,which is of great significance to the digital construction of the hospital.


Wireless networking scheme of mobile ultrasonic diagnostic equipment


Wireless networking scheme of mobile X-ray machine

Solution 2:

Real-timeonline remote communication and consultation without being restricted by timeand space

As we all know, imagingexamination, including X-ray, CT, magnetic resonance (MRI), and ultrasound, arean indispensable examination method in the process of disease diagnosis.Compared with other inspection methods, medical imaging files can bestandardized transmission. In other words, after a patient takes a film inhospital, as long as the operation process standard is correct, the imagingfile can be directly transmitted to another hospital for diagnosis instead ofmanually transferring the printed film. In recent years, with the upgrading ofequipment, the transition from analog medical imaging to digital medicalimaging has basically been realized, which has also laid the foundation forremote imaging diagnostic services.

Alinket's medical imagingdiagnosis remote medicine solution is designed to enable expert doctors toobtain patients’ data of electrophysiology, electrocardiogram, brainelectricity, respiration, X-ray machine, blood, etc. from hospital of any levelthrough any terminal such as mobile phones, tablets, conference center screens,TVs, computers, etc. in anyplace, such as the study room, medical commandcenter, consultation room, office, travel, etc.

In this case, doctors canmake the most timely and accurate diagnosis of the patients, promote theprogress of medical care, and treat and give medical aids to more patients.

Alinket's remote medicinedata consultation solution relying on Alinket's hardware equipment + softwareplatform as the main structure to automatically connect various device data inthe medical link to achieve data exchange and sharing between hospital departmentsand medical institutions and helps patients get the diagnosis and treatment inthe most prepared, timely and efficient manner.

The Alinket cloud platformcan collect and upload image inspection data through the 5G network, remotelyreport and consult for imaging physicians, remotely browse and assist treatmentdecision-making for clinicians, and provide image browsing and processingservices for multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment platforms and training platforms.


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