How to use Alinket IoT devices for chronic disease management

Issuing time:2022-01-27 13:34

Chronic diseases refer to chronic noninfectious diseases, which are not specific to a certain disease, but a groupof diseases with long course and slow development under normal circumstances.Common chronic diseases include hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke,obesity, diabetes, cancer and mental illness. There are almost no symptoms inthe early stage of chronic diseases. Some patients are difficult to detect inthe early stage, and traditional detection is very difficult. Once detected,most of them are in the middle and late stage.

The key to the prevention and treatment ofchronic diseases lies in being early, diligent and accurate.

Early, early discovery and early controlare eternal health truths;

Diligently, long-term and systematicallymonitor the physical sign data, and collect and integrate a number ofmonitoring results;

Accurately, long-term and accurate dataensure that medical personnel correctly judge the development trend of chronicdiseases and adjust the treatment plan in time.

The emergence of new technologies such asmobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, wireless communication and wearabledevices, as well as means such as smart medicine and remote medicine, hasprovided new guiding ideas for chronic disease prevention and control. Manymedical device manufacturers and technology companies have developed andlaunched various wearable medical devices, such as wearable sphygmomanometers,ECG stickers, body temperature stickers and ambulatory blood glucose meters. Inaddition, major hospitals have gradually transformed digitization and established remote diagnosis andtreatment platforms. These technologies and means can help doctors obtain thepatient's blood pressure, blood glucose and other health index data withoutleaving home or hospital, so as to guide doctors to adjust the treatment plan,which not only reduces the pain of patients running back and forth, but alsorelieves the outpatient pressure of the hospital.

Imagine such an elderly person who hasdiabetes and hypertension and has a history of coronary heart disease and isnot living in a city with his children. If his Children are technology lovers,and they are worried about the health of their elders, they bought them a lotof intelligent health devices including dynamic blood glucose meter, Bluetoothinsulin pump, dynamic body temperature sticker, dynamic ECG sticker, heart ratesticker and so on. However, these devices are not produced by one manufacturer.Each device needs to download a corresponding mobile app for device management,and only the matching app can see its own health data. For the elderly who arenot skilled in operating smart phones, this is very "dissuasive".

It took children several hours to finallyconfigure all the software and hardware and teach their elders how to use them.They found that most of these smart health devices can only be bound to onemobile phone, and they can only connect to the device when the bound mobilephone is around. This means that children can't see their elders' health datawhen they work outside, and they will still worry about their elders' health.

Is there any device that can make thesesmart devices easier to use?

Is there any device that can unify themanagement of these intelligent devices and the monitored data?

Is there any device that can send thehealth data monitored by these smart devices to family members or doctors?

Alinket DGW 410/411 Data Switcher

Alinket DGW410 / 411 data switcher, adevice smaller than smart phone, can solve the above problems. It is connectedto various intelligent health devices through Bluetooth, and then connected tothe cloud server in the form of mobile cellular network (NB IOT or 4G) fortwo-way data communication.

This means that no matter whatmanufacturer's equipment is used, as long as the equipment supports Bluetoothfunction and is used with Alinket dgw410 / 411 data switcher and Alinket self-developedAiApp, the unified management of equipment and multi-party synchronization ofhealth data can be realized, and automatic real-time data display, remoteunified management, all-round health monitoring, Visual monitoring and analysisand other functions, even if you go out, you, your family members and doctorscan view the patient's sign data anytime and anywhere.

Taking diabetes management as an example,the continuous glucose meter continuously collected blood glucose data ofpatients and uploaded data to the cloud platform through Alinket DGW410/411data switcher. The management platform obtained the dosage of insulin throughthe blood glucose control algorithm, and transferred the control instructionsto the automatic insulin pump through Alinket DGW410/411 to complete a bloodglucose control task. Blood glucose data and medication records are saved inthe server for query.

自连智慧医疗可穿戴器械物联网解决方案 Jan 2021.png

Taking the management of body temperature,heart rate and ECG as an example, the Alinket dgw410 / 411 connects with thedynamic body temperature sticker / heart rate Bracelet / ECG sticker throughBluetooth, and forwards the data to the cloud server in the form of Nb IOT / 4Gfor storage, management and analysis. The functions of equipment configuration,data visualization and health tracking are realized through the managementplatform.

自连智慧医疗可穿戴器械物联网解决方案 Jan 2021.png


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