Alinket medical-grade Bluetooth gateway DGW810

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Wisdom Medical paints a beautiful scene of medical treatment for us. There are no longer any monitors beside the hospital bed with a cold "drip" sound; medical staff do not need to make frequent rounds in the ward; patients no longer need to take their temperature, blood sugar, and blood pressure several times a day... …Patients only need to wear monitoring equipment such as Bluetooth body temperature stickers, ECG stickers, oximeters, etc. The equipment will transmit the collected physical sign data to the Bluetooth gateway, and the Bluetooth gateway will use Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G, etc. The form is returned to the user's server to realize real-time synchronization of data, and medical staff can check the patient's physical sign data on the computer or handheld device.

As an important part of the entire link, wireless communication infrastructure devices such as Bluetooth gateways ensure the reliability and security of data transmission. Alinket Technology recently launched the medical-grade Bluetooth gateway DGW810. After the configuration is complete, it can be plug and play quickly and easily to realize the conversion of Bluetooth to Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, and comprehensively accelerate the development of smart medical care.

Alinket DGW810 supports Bluetooth roaming. During the Bluetooth roaming switching process, there is no need to re-pair the Bluetooth to achieve quick and non-inductive switching. During the Bluetooth roaming period, the user's business connection is still maintained, without any manual intervention, and without any changes to the Bluetooth protocol and Bluetooth terminal.

In terms of data security, DGW810 supports end-to-end security. From the Bluetooth terminal to the Bluetooth gateway, there are AES and TKIP encryption mechanisms. At the same time, from the Bluetooth gateway to the IoT controller, from the IoT controller to the customer's cloud application software, the entire process is encrypted, using WEP_PSK, WPA/WPA2_PSK security mechanisms. Ensure that private information is not leaked.


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