Alinket Classic, Combo module/controller series, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi combo

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The Internet of Things is an intelligent service system that connects things, people, systems, and information resources through perceptual devices and in accordance with agreed agreements to process and respond to information in the physical and virtual world. The wireless communication module is the key device to realize the intelligent connection of all things. The Internet of Things terminal accesses the network through the wireless communication module to meet the needs of wireless data transmission. It is an important connection hub between the perception layer and the network layer of the Internet of Things.

According to forecasts by ABI Research, the number of global IoT connected devices in 2025 is expected to reach 30.9 billion. According to GMSA, the number of Internet of Things connections in China will double to 8 billion in 2025 compared to 2020, showing an explosive growth trend. And every time you increase the number of wireless Internet of Things connections, at least one wireless module is added, and the module is irreplaceable as the hardware foundation for connecting everything.

Alinket Combo series modules integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication chips into one, providing stable and reliable wireless connections for IoT devices with features such as small size and low power consumption.

Alinket ALXC20A/B, ALXC11A/B Combo controller, built-in high-performance MCU, support protocol stack, Wi-Fi & BT+BLE 5.0 compatible, two antenna types are optional;

Alinket ALXC28 Combo module, dual-band Wi-Fi & BT+BLE 5.0 compatible; Alinket ALXC29 Combo module, dual-band Wi-Fi 5 & BT+BLE 5.0 compatible, built-in 2*2 MIMO antenna.


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