How to connect everything?

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Founding the foundation stone of a long history of civilization

Emoticons and gestures originated the most primitive information transmission

Language and writing carry the memory of the whole nation and mankind

Farther, faster, and more convenient connection

Unchanging issues in human society

Unearthed Cultural Relic "Bronze Columnar Mask" at Sanxingdui Site

Protruding eyes and extended ears

Gao Ming and Gao Jue in the mythology novel "The Romance of the Gods"

Bizarre clairvoyance, downwind ears

All show the ancient people’s illusion of “seeing through thousands of miles, hearing from all directions”

Technology, so that the past fantasy is no longer

Flying pigeons pass the book, breaking through the limit of turbulence and dangerous peaks

The flames of fire and smoke can travel thousands of miles in a day and night

Telephone, radio, satellite communications,

Get rid of the shackles of distance and content form

Internet of Things, built with wireless communication, sensors, etc.

Let connection no longer be the exclusive privilege of humans


People to people

People and things

Things and things



Auto Link Everything Together


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