Congratulations on the 8th anniversary of the establishment of Alinket

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A two-step leap in China's aerospace, manned and lunar exploration attracts global attention


Chinese scientists used an atomic force microscope to take the first picture of chemical bonds in human history


The discovery of the Higgs particle, marking that all particles predicted by the Standard Model of Particle Physics have been found


A senior IC software and hardware R&D engineer and a few like-minded friends left the original "big factory" work to devote themselves to the Internet of Things entrepreneurial ocean, and Alinket   was born.

Unlike most Internet of Things companies that use terminal equipment as their entrepreneurial direction, Alinket Technology is targeting the medical Internet of Things. At that time, the medical field urgently needed to realize innovative industries through the Internet of Things. The high cost of establishing its own technical team and the high requirements for data transmission stability and security made medical device companies more inclined to seek technology-based Internet of Things companies.

Alinket, a powerful technology "gene", gradually gains a foothold in the medical field with technologies such as medical wireless solutions and enterprise-level security certifications. After 8 years of deep cultivating in the field of Internet of Things, Alinket has accumulated a batch of loyal customers in the medical industry, and gradually expanded to serve industries, new energy and other industries with high-quality Internet of Things solutions.

8 years

More than 10 mass production and delivery products

Delivery over 1 million

Over 200 corporate customers

Over 300 customer devices

Alinketers, forge ahead, forge ahead!

Alinketers,never ceases to innovate, never ceases to dream!


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