IoT Middleware

Product Definition

AiDMS is an enterprise-level device middleware system with Alinket intellectual property rights. AiDMS enables intelligent hardware to connect with the 3rd-Party cloud more quickly and conveniently. AiDMS provides customers with the most perfect and convenient cloud services, as well as the design model to support all 3rd-Party cloud connecting. AiDMS provides powerful cloud support for developers, so that they do not need to spend too much energy on the low-level architecture, the implementation of protocol framework, etc. They only need to pay more attention to the application of the product itself, simple, efficient and convenient development of their own products.


Advantageous Functions

●   Portable Kit(Kit)

As the important IoT kit of AiCloud or 3rd-party cloud platform, AiDMS software packages can be deployed on multiple hardware platforms such as x86/arm/powerpc, etc.

●  Cross-Platform

As the important IoT kit of AiCloud, AiDMS software packages can be deployed on different software system such as Windows/Linux/Mac OS, etc. and also on differentiated cloud platforms.


●   Licensing Support

During the licensing period, customers can get free-of-charge Alinkets strong technical support service.

●  LSB Conformance

The released AiDMS packages can be deployed according LSB standard to fit different client cloud-computing environment.

●  Open Design

AiDMS software system can be extended with continuance by adding more additions and can fit heterogeneous cloud environment.

 Real-Time Handling

For the real-time data or stream monitoring requirements, AiDMS assist customers with corresponding interfaces or development kits.

System Structure

AiDMS software IoT system is composed of Sensoring Subsystem, Combo Framework, and Interactive Subsystem. The commercial value of AiDMS is exemplified by helping enterprises quickly build multiple business solutions based on IoT system.



Product Definition

Alinket Acceleration IoT Suite LiteDMS is secure and highly effective automatic-connecting tool body to assist customers quickly develop IoT product and also it is made for customers as IoT permissively connecting tool to reach the objective of all things’ connecting. By this way it can propel “Device—LiteDMS—Cloud” bidirectional communications to realize device quickly connecting, cloud management, cloud debugging, data template, real-time online query&analysis, and so on.

Product Application

With LiteDMS, all Alinket-developed hardware IoT modules or devices can be seamlessly connected to AiCloud intelligent cloud or AiDMS middleware system. In order to facilitate the connecting of non-Alinket IoT devices or modules to the Alinket IoT ecosystem, LiteDMS development kit (I/O Kits) has been developed, including but not limited to LiteDMS toolbox, SDK for LiteDMS development, Alinket AiDK, Alinket AiLDK, Alinket AiSDK and other similar software development suite set, all of which can serve the enhancement for the IoT connections or the expanding of the IoT functions.


Product Deployment

The following architecture shows the normal solution architecture of Alinket LiteDMS development suite I/O Kits.


Advantageous Functions

●  Accelerate IoT Connection

All kinds of Alinket modules or devices can be seamlessly connected to the Internet of Things, and also other edge devices can be accessible to connect. For various Alinket modules, it is convenient to access them.

●   Cross-platform

LiteDMS toolkits can also be deployed to various software systems, such as Windows/Linux/Mac OS/Android/iOS, to achieve the goal of accelerating connection.

Software Configuration

To be flexible for run-time system, target connected devices.

●  Software Licensing

To enable LTS support services for customer satisfaction purposes.

  Client Value-Added Devices

For non-Alinket devices, LiteDMS can help collect valuable parameters of client devices. Or client develop specially needed functions based on LiteDMS I/O Kits.

LiteDMS Development I/O Kits

With complete I/O Kits, client can enrich “own” LiteDMS utility or develop customized firmware for module or do secondary develop jobs for web/mobile/pc applications.

●   Extra Computing

According market continuous changed requirements for near future, LiteDS

utility will enable more and more distributed computing capability.


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